Switching your focus from a problem to the solution frees you from unnecessary baggage and helps you tap into your full potential. That way you can decide the future you want. And together you’ll find the essence of your personality, understanding what brings out the best in you.


Virginie is a former elite volleyball player. She was known for her unbreakable will power, her ability to create winning team spirit and her superior work ethics. She applied these qualities while becoming a professional coach, leading many Finnish teams towards victory and studying at Barca Innovation Hub of FC Barcelona.

She provides you with tools on how to prepare for training or a competition. She’ll help you tackle obstacles on your career pathway.



Tia has worked in fitness industry for over two decades. It has been a versatile road; she has been an international Trainer for Les Mills, she has presented in numerous fitness conventions and created many group fitness concepts for big Nordic chains. In her own health club of 17 years she is leading her team and coaching her customers within wellbeing and life management.

Tia educational background is wide but the most influential knowledge comes from solution-focused coaching. Her way of working includes a lot of joy and a big heart.

So what does all of this mean for an athlete? Tia is a powerhouse who understands what it means to be a top athlete. She has a humanistic, positive psychology-oriented thinking packed with concrete, applicable tools for goal setting.